Osair Recruiting Process

OSAIR conducts a rigorous recruiting and screening process, checking references, degrees, and certifications, and verifying past employment. Technical screening is frequently handled by OSAIR personnel with similar background and expertise. The process includes:

1. Reference and employment checks

Applicants complete a detailed, formal questionnaire, including references. These can be submitted to you upon request.

2. Skill set determination

Our in-house technical recruiters and software developers have diverse technical skills, so appropriate teams are formed to conduct interviews of each candidate.

3. Contractor search

We use many techniques to locate and contact the best IT contractors available. These include referrals, Internet postings, networking, attending user group meetings and job fairs.

4. Technical skills matching

When we receive a requirement from a client, we schedule a conference call with the hiring manager to explore your exact requirements. A summary of this conversation is sent to your hiring manager to double-check that we correctly understand your requirements. Upon approval, we search our databases to identify qualified candidates. Suitable candidates then undergo a thorough in-person and/or phone interview. Our technical recruiter gauges the applicant’s technical abilities, experience on similar projects, and overall business cultural fit to meet the client’s requirements.

5. Interpersonal skills screening

We also screen candidates for the quality of their interpersonal skills based on the client’s stated requirements, our knowledge of the client and our own standards for communications, etiquette and demeanor.