Client FAQ’s

Q: You actually guarantee that I’ll be satisfied with the IT contractor(s) you provide?

A: That’s right. All our clients get the exclusive OSAIR Risk-Free Guarantee. If one of our IT contractors doesn’t work out during the first week, for any reason, you pay nothing for that week’s work. And we’ll make sure you have a qualified replacement in place within 48 hours.

Q: How can you be so confident of your people?

A: We have an enormous database of qualified IT personnel, plus a nationwide network of 100+ partner agents. Our rigorous screening process helps us quickly narrow the choices down a few ideal candidate(s) for each project. Each is then thoroughly prescreened and interviewed before you ever meet them. They fill out a detailed questionnaire containing their references, employment history, technical skills, etc. You can get copies if you like.

Q: What kind of prescreening?

A: We double-check references, verify past employment, and confirm the degrees and certifications they claim. OSAIR in-house software developers and technical recruiters interview them to confirm that they do, in fact, possess the IT expertise they claim.

Q: Where do you find all this great IT talent?

A: Referrals, networking, user group meetings, job fairs, Internet postings, plus lots of hard work, telephone calls, and emails. Frankly, OSAIR’s reputation for quality also attracts a lot of great referrals.

Q: Contract IT workers only?

A: No, OSAIR fills contract, contract to hire, and direct hire IT positions.

Q: Why should I hire a contractor rather than a full-time employee?

A: First, you save money. Contractors also provide flexibility. You get the extra IT talent you need, but only when you need it. You also avoid the expense and delays of training new employees, not to mention HR headaches like payroll taxes, insurance, workers comp, liability insurance and unemployment compensation.

Q: How do you make sure there’s a good match between my specific needs and the candidates’ IT skills?

A: It’s a four-step process:

1. Consultation When you first contact us about an IT project, we immediately schedule a conference call with you or your hiring manager, to ensure we fully understand the specific requirements of your project.

2. Confirmation on the summary of our conversation is sent back to the hiring manager to confirm that we correctly understand your requirements.

3. Search we begin querying our database – and the databases of our 100 partner agents – to identify potential candidates.

4. Probe the most promising candidates are then contacted by one of our experienced technical recruiters. We interview them in person or by telephone, which helps us accurately gauge each candidate’s technical abilities and related project experience, to ensure there is a comfortable professional and cultural fit.

Q: That must take a long time?

A: Not with our database of IT talent. Within 48 hours of receiving your request, we have usually located several candidates that match your specifications. Add a day or so for interviews and screening, and you’ll usually have a qualified candidate in place within four business days.

Q: How do you prepare contractors for their new assignments?

A: First we introduce them to OSAIR philosophy, values and expectations. Once they understand what’s expected of them, we brief them on the client and the business, job description and who the contractor will report to. Then we bring them to meet you in person, so the relationship gets off on the right foot. If they’re from away, we help them find accommodations and familiarize them with the area in general.

Q: Is OSAIR an IT recruiting company or a software development company?

A: Both. We’re an IT solutions provider. In addition to staff augmentation we also provide software development services for web application projects and other IT consultancy needs.