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Origin and Roots: Tracing Our Journey

OSAIR is a Consum-mate leader in custom software development and staffing, dedicated to delivering exceptional business IT solutions and related services to clients worldwide. Our proven expertise in comprehending complex business challenges, coupled with our professional competence, empowers us to consistently enhance the customer experience. Since our establishment in 2007, we have been at the forefront of innovation, shaping the digital landscape through cutting-edge solutions and a commitment to excellence.

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Our adept understanding of intricate business challenges, coupled with our unwavering professional competence, empowers us to curate an exceptional client experience.

Optimized efficiency, expert proficiency, and utmost satisfaction: The Blueprint to Our Success
Osair stands as a premier company specializing in US IT Recruitment and bespoke software development..

Enterprise Application Development

We specializes in Enterprise Web Application customization and web development services, Apart from web development we also provide professional level services of website designing..

Mobile Appplication Development

We offer Mobile Application Development solutions on a variety of platforms like iPad, iPhone and Android. We offer customized mobile application development services in various domains.

Technology Consulting

OSAIR Technologies is to be a world class IT consulting firm that provides best value for the clients and employees alike. We provide Consulting Services and Complete IT Solutions for business clients across various industry verticals.

Corporate Training

Training is an essential part of any organization’s learning incentives, especially when it comes to onboarding or updating employees on new systems, tools or strategies. It keeps employees educated, informed and engaged

Providing exceptional business IT solutions and related services to clients globally.

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