Product Development The world is at the cusp of revolutionary technologies on both the web and the mobile platforms. The technology is transforming into being user-centric, seamless and interoperable. We at OSAIR believe in being at the forefront of these ground breaking innovations. In addition to our client and project oriented consulting and mobile application development divisions, we are also building a strong presence in innovative product development.
Currently we are working in the following product categories:

  • eLearning: Web and mobile based instructional tools bringing learning
  • Healthcare Management


Our motto sums up our intentions: KNOWLEDGE DEMOCRACY our main purpose in building a comprehensive and a simple to use eLearning platform is to build web and mobile based instructional tools, bringing learning and scholarly discussions at the door steps of common man.

Our eLearning products provide cutting edge solutions, including:

  • Making education independent of time and space or in other words anywhere and anytime
  • Bringing creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving aspects to learning
  • Motivating learning beyond the course curriculum
  • Web-based curriculum and resources offer just-in-time content that enables learners to self-pace their learning

Healthcare Management:

Our IT solutions for healthcare management include:

  • Integrated care stretching from patients till clinics
  • Models for integrated eCare services
  • Governance and financing models for integrated eCare services
  • Impact evaluation